New release: Dog

Find out more about the lovely story of Briggs and Lulu

Channing Tatum is officially a filmmaker! The actor, who previously participated in Logan Lucky and Side Effects, returns this time with his debut as co-director in Dog. But that’s not all! He will also star in this wonderful story about a former army ranger and his dog.

Dog follows Briggs and his Belgian Shepherd, Lulu, as they travel across the country and the Pacific coast in the hope of arriving on time for his best friend's funeral. They will go crazy and break some rules, but they will also learn how to love, and they’ll have the chance to create a new life.

If you are a fan of dog stories, those that delve into the relationship between dogs and humans, transmit admiration and respect for animals and share the importance of bonding with people with difficulties... this is your movie!

Are you ready to enjoy it? You can watch it on the big screen in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

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